Sun Bicycles EZ Tadpole SX Trike

4.0 stars
 (6 Reviews)
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Sun's EZ Tadpole SX Trike is a blast to ride everywhere! The combination of a low-center-of-gravity frame and 3 quick-rolling wheels makes this low-rider handle like nothing else. It's more than just zippy speed though. A plush, fully supportive seat offers unparalleled comfort, too. You'll also love the under-seat steering, which takes all the pressure off your arms and hands. And, this sweet rig sports powerful disc brakes and a hill-flattening 24-speed SRAM/Shimano drivetrain.

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Learn more about the X-Seam measurement.

To measure your X-Seam, sit flat on the floor with your back reclined against a 30- to 48-inch board angled 14- to 15-inches from the wall and measure along the floor from the board to your heel. Be sure your buttocks are pressed against the board and your legs are flat on the floor. If you're close to either end of the X-Seam range, just ask us and we'll help you choose the proper size.

Consumer Reviews

4.0 stars

(6 reviews)

66% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Comfortable seat  (5)
  • Attractive  (3)
  • Ergonomic  (3)
  • Handles well  (3)
  • Cheap 
  • Durable 


  • Heavy  (2)
  • Big disappointment 
  • Chain broke in traffic 
  • Cheap components 
  • Difficult to transport 
  • Flimsy 

Best Uses

  • Leisurely rides  (3)
  • Street riding  (2)
  • Light riding 
  • Reward time 
  • Road biking 
  • Trail riding 

Mar 08, 2016

Well built, dependable and fun to ride.

High Seating, Shock Absorber, Ergonomic, Comfortable Seat, Handles Well, Stable, Attractive Design, Great Components
Low Clearance, Heavy
Best Uses:
Street Riding, Leisurely Rides, Light Trails
I have owned this bike since 2003 and ride 10 to 15 miles a day. I perform regular maintenance and have had no problems whatsoever. I ride on streets and concrete trails. The best part is how high I sit on the bike, making it easy to be seen by cars. My only complaint is that it is heavy. Wish it was aluminum instead of steel.
by CeeJay from Houston, TX

Aug 10, 2014

Smile, this ride feels so nice.

Like Bike Riding Was, Ergonomic, Comfortable Seat
You Will Want More Time
Best Uses:
Reward Time
Please get or try this! You are worth it! No danger during ride. Honest. Really! This is the best ride since I was 5! Hip replacement, bad knees no wind. You can ride this anywhere, the gears let you go up hill easily. Look around, like up, while riding without crashing or getting dizzy! You will not be disappointed! Get a sun visor or hat. Put a tarp over it / them to keep it dry in the back yard, then go anytime you like. You don tribe like a bike, you push with your legs, it's really easy! Please try a test ride!
by Ride4Jack from West Allis

May 21, 2011

I'm returning it after 1 week

Comfortable Seat, Attractive Design
Unsafe, Big disappointment, Chain broke in traffic, Cheap components, Flimsy
Best Uses:
I was so excited to buy this - after just a week - the petals locked when I shifted gears and I needed to stop on a busy road to unlock chain that had stuck. Then this morning the chain broke when I was in traffic and I had to walk it 2 miles back home! Its going back now. This bike is a lot of money for cheap components. The other bad thing is it is very hard to see what gear you are in when your hands are covering the gear numbers during steering.
by Barb from Rochester, NY

Jul 29, 2010

fun and comfy

Handles Well, Ergonomic, Comfortable Seat
Difficult to transport
Best Uses:
Leisurely Rides, Street Riding, Trail riding
lots of fun and comfy.. still trying to master hills as you can't quite get "into it" like a regular bike..
by hawkeyegal from Cedar Rapids IA

Apr 26, 2010

April 2010

Comfortable Seat, Cheap
Low-end components
Best Uses:
Leisurely Rides
The Sun trike is pretty much as reviewed online; it is a low-end trike. As such, it can help you decide if you really want a recumbent trike and if you want to step up to an ICE model. The Sun has no suspension and rides rough if the roads are not real nice. The seat is very well padded and that helps. It does have a problem with steering at a higher speed as its steering mechanism is not as fine as an ICE or HP. It is best suited for light, joy-riding. I've been putting 15-20 mi/day on mine, and already ordering Schwalbe tires to replace the K ones. If you're looking for a low-end trike for enjoyable riding, this will be fine. As I plan to do some long touring, I'm looking at the ICE Adventure, and using the Sun to break myself in. As I find it a lot of fun, I'm convinced it's something I want to stick with and so will step up to something of high quality and give this to one of the kids.
by Gary from Tampa, FL

Oct 05, 2009

Sun EZ Tadpole

Durable, Fun to ride, Handles Well, Attractive Design
Best Uses:
Road Biking
Bought mine in May 2009. Can't ride 2-wheel bike due to back problems. Very comfortable and great exercise (I ride 3-5 times per week). Had some problems with quality. Had to take it to local bike shop for tune-up. I really enjoy riding it.
by JT from Houston, TX


14g stainless-steel
Kenda Kwest, 20 x 1.50
Front Derailleur
Rear Derailleur
SRAM 3.0
Rear Cogs
SRAM 8-speed: 11-32
SRAM 3.0
Brake Levers
Aluminum w/parking brake
Winzip mechanical discs
Contoured foam w/cool back