Sun Bicycles Traditional Trike 24

4.5 stars
 (7 Reviews)
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If you've got cycling on your mind but crave the added stability and comfort of three wheels, then the Traditional Trike is what you're looking for. Our trike is specifically designed with an ultra-low step through frame, like our Streamway, for easy on and off access. Once seated, you immediately notice the impressive comfort of the tractor style saddle. If bigger is better, then Sun hit pay dirt.

- High-tensile steel easy step-through frame with compatibility for optional direct mount rear derailleur and disc brake
- Single-speed gearing (Internal 3-speed, Internal 5-speed and 7-speed derailleur kits available for purchase separately)
- Alloy linear-pull front brake with brake lever actuated parking lock (Rear axle disc brake caliper kit available for purchase separately)
- Single wall alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
- 24 x 1.75" CST street friendly tires
- Sun Trike High Rise steel handlebar
- Sun Tractor padded saddle with heavy duty steel base
- Steel chain guard
- Nickel plated steel front fender

Consumer Reviews

4.5 stars

(7 reviews)

71% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Attractive Design  (5)
  • Great Components  (5)
  • Comfortable  (5)
  • Durable  (5)
  • Handles Well  (3)
  • Lightweight  (2)


  • Heavy  (2)
  • No Hills 
  • Ned Some Power Assist 
  • Non Portable 
  • Flat Terrain Only 

Best Uses

  • Going Shopping And Riding 
  • Flatland Riding 
  • Neighborhood Cruising 
  • Fun 
  • Commuting 
  • Flat Pavement Only 

Aug 23, 2017

Service was not what I would expect on such a nice bicycle.

Best Uses:
The ride is good, the seat is comfy. I didn't get gears and it handles well until the grade becomes uphill, then there is the likely hood that you will be walking it. My hand grips split after 3 months and when I approached the Sun bikes about a replacement, they were adamant that they would not replace them as they were not warranty items...OK but 3 months later! My bike is cleaned and waxed after usage and kept covered and indoors...I've never had a grip deteriorate so quickly. Now that is poor service....
by MsHosh from Purchased in Texas, live in Canada

Jun 18, 2017

making the Sun tricycle go uphill streets like a tractor

Comfortable, Attractive Design, Great Components, Durable
Best Uses:
Mountain Biking
I checked the travel distance of the SUN traditional tricycle with 24" wheels. It moves 136" for each rotation of the pedals. I agree with the comments that this trike cannot go uphill as its travel distance is much larger than 80". Even the 5 speed model at the lowest gear has a travel distance of 85" that is marginally adequate to go up hill. To boost the power by 44%, you may reduce the size of the chain gear from 36T to 25T. It reduces the travel distance to 59". it should go up hill like a tractor. I have done it on two of my single speed trikes to make their travel distances about 80" and it works. A bicycle shop may charge you around $30 labor plus the sprocket cost (around $30) if you could not change it yourself.
by ANour from San Ramon, California - steep streets

Jun 06, 2017

Best bike

Best Uses:
I have rode this bike on trials and off and no problems. Street dirt or gravel and have even been told to slow down. Husband could not keep up.
by Road runner from Zion il

Nov 05, 2016

I would buy this product again and again

Attractive Design, Beautuful Color, Great Components, Comfortable, Lightweight, Handles Well, Durable, Rides Great, The Bike I've Ever Purcha
Best Uses:
Commuting, Going Shopping And Riding
I have the Miami Sun Adult trike in Raspberry pink,and it is the most wonderful and best bike i've ever purchased .I would recommend this to a friend or a family member.
by missymyfriend from Prairie du Chien,WI

Sep 03, 2015

Good Stable Ride

Builds Strength, Great Components, Comfortable, Attractive Design, Durable, Handles Well
Heavy, No Hills, Ned Some Power Assist
Best Uses:
Flat Pavement Only
This trike is great on flat pavement. If you have hills, you will need either a front electric hub motor, or a rear engine kit. The 3 speed Nexus Internal Hub Makes the trike more useable, but still not on hills!
by Earl from Iowa City, Iowa

Jul 18, 2015

Nice Trike....but

Sturdy, Attractive Design, Comfortable, Great Components, Safe, My Dog Loves The Basket, Durable
Flat Terrain Only, Non Portable, Heavy
Best Uses:
Neighborhood Cruising, Flatland Riding
I like this bike and it's design is beautiful. I have a lot of people ask me about it. I got it because I have a medical condition that makes falls dangerous, and it is sturdy and safe. Maybe too sturdy. My only complaint is that this bike is SO heavy that the only way to ride it is to leave my house and ride around the neighborhood avoiding hills - because I cannot get this thing up a hill! I think most people would need a motor to get up even an average hill, and unfortunately I live at the top of a hill, so it's kind of embarrassing to have to get off my trike and walk it up hill to get home. Also it is impossible to take it anywhere unless you have some kind of trailer - it is not portable. It's good for small grocery runs and taking my small dog for a spin - he loves the basket! For me this trike is more of a utility vehicle, and not recreational since I can't go far with needing to avoiding hills.
by Cee Cee from Omaha, Ne.

May 30, 2015

"I would buy this product again and again"

Lightweight, Comfortable, Great Components, Durable, Attractive Design, Handles Well
Best Uses:
I cannot fall, so I need the stability of a third wheel. This bike is the greatest thing for me. Love it!
by Ellie Mae from Rainbow City, AL