Trek Superfly 20

5.0 stars
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Let their adventures begin

Trek Kids' mountain bikes are the real deal, with light frames, knobby tires, quality parts, durable construction, and Dialed adjustable components that can grow with young riders.

Adventurous kids deserve a true, trail-ready bike that will take them down the road or off the road with confidence and control.

Key features

- Better than big box bikes, and your kid deserves it
- Frame and parts are dialed to fit kids right from the start
- Fun, kid-friendly details come standard
- Trek quality = safety and fun

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(3 reviews)

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  • Quality  (2)
  • Durable 
  • Quality components for a child's bike 
  • Race ready 
  • Fork 
  • Design 


  • Grip Shifter Was Too Hard 

Best Uses

  • Having Fun 

Aug 03, 2017

Excellent bike!

Durable, Quality components for a child's bike, Race ready
Best Uses:
Fantastic child's bike. High quality construction and durable frame and components. GREAT value for money.
by DIndy from Indianapolis, IN

Jul 01, 2015


Design, Twist Gears, Fork, Quality
Best Uses:
Having Fun
Bought this for my hard-charging five year-old son. He had been riding a two-wheel bike (minus training wheels) like a madman since he was three. He gives me a mini heart-attack every time he charges down the big hill at the local bmx bike park on his beat-up/used Specialized Hotrock. His new thing is going "OFF-ROAD!!!!" on the local trails with my husband. He always yells out a warning on the uphill sections of our family rides that he's taking a hill and it's harder for him to go up the hill so we have to be patient with him. Haha! I figured it was good time to get him a proper mountain bike, so I researched the heck out of bikes to find him a really nice one. You're only young once, so I figured I might as well indulge his good passions in hopes that it inspires him to really enjoy and love the world around him. Being a lightweight kid (Always in the lower single-digit percentile of his age group), I tried to choose a sensibly-priced lightweight bike. Speaking from experience (as a flyweight myself), it simply is nicer to learn how to master a skill when you're not too busy trying to wrestle a beast in the process. Yes, this is an expensive bike, but I realized a long time ago that you tend to get what you pay for. This bike is LIGHT! The guys at the bike shop were stoked at how light it was when they weighed it (per the guy there, it was a 16lb bike). My child fell in love with the bike at first sight... and he's been biking like crazy ever since. We still have him use the smaller Hotrock at the park, but he takes this bike offroad every chance he gets. In less than a month, the tires already needed a patching up from the "pokeys" on his offroad rides. Having three boys, hopefully this bike survives being passed down through the ranks of brotherly ownership...
by mrak from Folsom, CA

Apr 24, 2015

Great bike for my 7 year old

Weight, Quality
Grip Shifter Was Too Hard
Best Uses:
My 7 year old took to this bike right away when we went to look at it at the shop. On his test rides he stayed in one gear, and after we got home on his first rides it became obvious he couldn't operate the shifter because it took too much strength. I had it replace with lever shifters at the shop, which added a bit more than 10% to the overall price. The lever shifters are MUCH easier for him.
by JG from Leucadia, CA