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Classic Skis

Atomic C5 Classic
The Atomic C5 is our efficient, lightweight classic wax ski delivering a perfect kick and fast acceleration – ideal for athletic skiers and occasional racers. The ski core features a UHD core with Speedcell and high quality Carbon Laminates, which together make the ski livelier and even more lightweight. The Redster profile delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut, Worldcup base and Race Grinding. And like all Redsters it has the distinctive Redster graphic design. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 4000 + Race Grinding Core: Speedcell
Atomic Redster Classic
An ideal choice for the high school racer. The ski's core features a Nomex powercell, which makes the ski livelier and even more lightweight. In combination with the Redster profile it delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut. Comes in a medium and hard ski TEAM Price, $189.99
Atomic C7 Classic
The Redster C7 is a great new ski for Classic nuts out there – whether you’re a racer, regular trainer or you just want something nice and fast when you make it out onto the tracks on the weekend. Its Race+ Carbon Laminate makes it lovely and light, while its World Cup Base and Grinding gives it serious acceleration and speed. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 5000 + WC Grinding Core: Speedcell SDS
Atomic C7 Skintec Classic
It features our unique Skintec waxless technology that cuts prep time dramatically as you don’t need to wax, while you still get the feel of a perfectly waxed ski in all conditions. On top of that, the SDS construction brings Redster technology to our Sport range – maximum traction when you need it in the kick, minimum resistance in the glide. All ideal for regular workout all winter through.
Atomic Redster C9 Classic
The Redster C9 is like your favorite road bike you use for racing, training and weekend riding. It’s powerful, fast and genuinely a joy to ride. To give you that combination of pace and reliability it comes with our Race Base and special low, flat Power Kick Zone just like our top Redster Carbon Classic ski. Then it has a Race+ Carbon Laminate. Good enough for the pros, and perfect for hobby athletes. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 5000 SA + WC Grinding Core: Nomex Featherlight SDS Extras: Power Kick Zone
Atomic Redster C9 Skintec Classic
The Atomic Redster Skintec with high-performance waxless technology is the premium model for the classic skier who prefers not to use a ski with a waxable kick zone. The Skintec ski uses a mole skin material in the kick zone. What makes it so special is our unique Skintec waxless technology: Skintec means preparation and handling couldn’t be easier, with no time-consuming waxing and more time skiing. It’s also incredibly versatile as the grip zones feature Mohair skin that produces excellent grip and glide no matter what snow conditions and temperatures. It’s also the only high-performance waxless technology to offer exchangeable grip zones – a wider one for a stronger kick and a narrower one for a faster glide, interchangeable in seconds.
Atomic Redster World Cup Classic
The new Atomic Redster Worldcup Classic FL SDS is the professional World Cup ski for race-oriented classic track skiers. This ski embodies pure speed: this ski features our classic Nomex racing construction – a blend of torsion-resistant Nomex and yellow ABS material in the kick zone, for an awesome combination of lightness and stability. This so called SDS Technology keeps the kick zone high above the snow in the glide phase and stays easy to compress during the kick. The result is explosive acceleration and exceptional gliding. Team Price, $486.99 Lease Price, $316.99
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