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Rossignol X-IUM World Cup Skate

Rossignol X-IUM World Cup Skate
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The new X-IUM SKATING WCS S2 is an elite-level, high-performance World Cup skate ski designed for competitive athletes and Sochi's Olympic heroes. Featuring a new athlete-approved, World Cup base-grind structure, 3D Profile construction, Nomex Honeycomb core and Control Edge ABS sidewalls, the X-ium Skating WCS is ultra-lightweight and delivers the most powerful and precise competition-level performance.The lower, shorter carbon tip lightens swing weight and improves maneuverability while the Double Groove Guide enhances stability and tracking. The S2 model is designed with a universal flex and camber height ideal for all snow conditions.
COBRA RACING - For extremely stable, fluid skating. Enables the skier to come back into the direction of travel faster at the end of the glide phase.
CONTROL EDGE • Torsional rigidity; • Extra stability and ease; • More efficient kick.
HONEYCOMB (ski) STRUCTURE • Very light material with excellent compression characteristics and strength; • Used on all Expert skis and some
Performance skis.
The ski also has a double groove base for greater stability as well as Rossinol's Numeric base finish a technology that offers a limitless range of ready-to-ski finishes that will improve glide.
TEAM PRICE, $489.99