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Rossignol Zymax Skate NIS

Rossignol Zymax Skate NIS
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The Zymax Skating NIS is a brand new ski for high school racers and fitness oriented, entry-level skiers. Rossignol's exclusive Low Density (LDC) Core keeps the ski super lightweight. Rossignol's Racing Cobra sidecut widens at the tip, keeping the ski in the snow for superior stability at pushoff. The Double Groove Guide gives skiers effortless tracking and directional control as Catapult camber provides excellent rebound. The Zymax Skating has an additional layer of fiberglass and a Zymax racing base; the best running base at this price point on the market. With the NIS (Nordic Integrated System) skiers are allowed easy assembly and can personalize the ski's on-snow behavior. The Zymax Skating NIS offers competitive high school skiers and fitness buffs an accessible and manueverable top-shelf skate ski.

MAIN TECHNOLOGY - base preparation technology offers a limitless range of ready-to-ski finishes that will improve glide. World Cup base finishes for everyone!

This construction radically improves ski performance by combining the properties of two materials: The Rossicap: - very soft, it makes skis more flexible - tips and tails float and glide freely over the bumps - \"snake effect". Multidirectional glass fiber: - rigid to resist twist - makes skis run straight.
TEAM PRICE, $179.99