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Cross Country Skiing

Welcome to Cross Country Skiing


At Revolution Cycle and Ski, we carry a complete line of Cross Country skis, bindings, boots, poles and clothing. We also carry many types of wax and the tools necessary for wax application and ski tuning for racing or recreational use. In addition, our ski technicians are renowned in Central Minnesota for their expertise in everything from a simple base wax application to creating that perfect pre-race structure.

There are a few things about Nordic Skiing that a person needs to be aware of prior to purchasing skis boots and poles. The most important is proper sizing. That's why our professionals will always ask really personal questions - like your weight. We need to be aware of this important fact so that we can choose the correct ski for you. Your experience and ability as well as the terrain that you intend to ski are also important factors. Only when we know a little background will we go on to fit you to your new skis. So, come on in and talk - we'll help you to enjoy cross country skiing as much as possible.

We sell Atomic and Rossignol skis, boots and bindings. We also stock  poles from Rossignol, Atomic and Swix as well as wax from Swix, Toko, Fast Wax, Rode, Star and Start. Some Atomic boots are configured for a Salomon binding, so we carry both Pilot (Salomon) and Rotefella or NNN bindings. Atomic has a new system called, Prolink which is similar to NNN and can be used with an NNN boot.

Revolution Cycle and Ski offers package pricing on our XC equipment. These discounts are not "pre-packaged", that is, consumers are given the option of choosing whichever ski, binding and pole that he or she desires at package pricing. In addition, the purchase of any three items (chosen from  skis, boots, bindings or poles) qualifies for the discounts.

While we're on the subject of discounts, Revolution offers very aggressive discounts to both high school and college racers (see below for examples). We also offer lease packages for those skiers who haven't fully matured physically and may not want to spring for a purchase - on accounta the equipment may be too small next year and you don't have a younger sibling and your parents don't want to spend billions of dollars on stuff that you can only use for a year plus, who knows if you'll even want to ski next year - what's that, you WILL ski next year and the year after that, so there! I'll BUY thank you very much! Well all right then, come in and we'll take care of you and you WILL be faster ... if you want to be ... or not ...

We also have a very good selection of rental skis boots and poles for the whole family.

The Revolution ski shop is equipped with state-of-the-art ski tuning machinery. So what?, you may ask, ski tuning is only as good as the tuner, non? This is where we have a leg up on any shop in the area, because our ski techs are the best in the area! So, anyone who needs a new racing structure, look no further!

You have to ask yourself, hey! is there really a reason to go to another ski shop?

Examples of Ski Packages:

High School Racer - Atomic Redster Skate Skis, $189.99  Rossi X-8 Skate Boot, $179.99 Swix Comp Poles, $69.99 and Rossi NNN X-Celerator Skate Binding, $79.99 Total, $519.96

Recreational Skier - Rossignol EVO Glade Waxless Skis (with bindings), $229.99  Rossi X1 Ultra Boots $89.99 and Rossignol Nordic Poles, $24.99 Total, $344.97

A Word About Proper Ski Fit

Correct ski sizing is important to any skier. However, for the ski racer, it is critical. When we size a skier to a ski, we are primarily concerned with the amount of weight that it takes to apply to the ski to compress it. Complicating things are the differences between skating and classic skiing. A classic ski is softer than a skate ski. That is, it is designed to "close out" or have the kick zone compress onto the snow versus a skate ski which does not make full contact.

Ski flex is especially important during the glide phase of cross country skiing for two reasons, 1. to make sure that the ski tracks in a straight line, the ski needs to have a "long wheel base" and 2. for classic skis, to make sure that any kick wax does not come into contact with the snow during the glide.

Wheel base refers to the distance between the tip and tail of the ski that come into contact with the snow during the glide. The longer wheel base, the more stable the skis, making it easier to ski in a straight line. The curve in the skis is referred to as camber (put your skis together, base to base - the bow is the camber). The stiffer the camber relative to the skier's weight, the longer the wheel base. Therefore, it is the object of proper ski fit to determine which ski provides the ideal flex pattern - for the broadest conditions - for each skier.

At Revolution Cycle and Ski, we take great pains with every skier to make sure that they are correctly fit to a pair of skis. We place the skis on a large flat granite slab or stone, and then have the skier stand on the skis. We then have the skier apply varying percentages of their weight to one ski. We place a thin piece of paper under the ski and move it back and forth so the we can determine the degree to which the ski gets closed out. Only when we decide that the glide zones are correct, do we recommend the purchase of a pair of skis.


In our never-ending quest to make as many people happy as possible, Revolution Cycle and Ski offers Cross Country Recreational Skis, Boots and poles for rent. We also offer Snow Shoes.

The following rates apply:

Ski Package: Daily, $15.00, weekend, $30.00 and, weekly, $50.00

Snowshoes: Daily, $15.00, weekend, $30.00 weekly, $60.00 - poles optional

We also offer lease packages on XC racing equipment. Prices vary according to the price of the different skis, boots & etc. However, the cost of a one-year lease package is approximately one half of the retail price of the equipment.

Ski Accessories

Revolution Cycle and Ski carries accessories ranging from ski wax and waxing equipment to all of the clothing that you need to enhance your skiing experience.


We have hand made wooden benches. A top, onto which the ski is secured for waxing and base that the top can be attached to. Each is sold separately for $84.99.

We carry waxing irons from Swix and TOKO ranging from $49.99.

There are a variety of wax scrapers to choose from as well as grove pencils and edge tools.


  • SWIX: Kick, including Klister, glide - sport, high and low fluoro
  • TOKO: Kick, glide - sport, high and low fluoro, Jet Stream 100% Fluoro and Helix
  • Fast Wax: shop blocks, glide - sport, high and low floro, 100% Fluoro
  • REX: glide, kick and klister
  • Rode: glide, kick and Klister
  • Star: kick
  • Start: kick, glide (including Start Green)


  • Craft: warm-up and competition pants, tops, stocking caps, base layers and gloves
  • Swix: stocking caps, tops and gloves
  • TOKO: stocking caps and gloves
  • Smartwool: base layers, socks, arm warmers, neck warmers and heavy and lightweight stocking caps