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Shimano sets the standard!Shimano sets the standard!
Shimano components set the cycling standard!
Shimano road components are so superior that they've won the grueling Tour de France year after year. If you're looking for the ultimate upgrade in shifting and braking, look no further than Shimano. Here we showcase some of the groups and features that set these amazing components apart. Swing by the shop to see them in person!
Maximize your potential with Shimano's Dura-Ace components!
No dream bike is complete without a full complement of Dura-Ace components. Shimano's top-of-the-line offering is functional cycling jewelry tested in the forges of the world's fiercest competitions. Its feathery-light weight lets you float up climbs. Exceedingly durable materials and construction offer years of smooth, trouble-free operation. Powerful stoppers and flawless shifters provide precision control for screaming descents and shoulder-to-shoulder criterium navigation. And the revolutionary crankset ensures that every ounce of hard-spent energy is converted into forward motion. Wherever and however you race or ride, Dura-Ace maximizes your potential!

Shimano's Dura-Ace crankset and bottom bracket set a new standard! These engineering marvels combine hollow forged-aluminum crankarms with an integrated oversize bottom bracket for incredible stiffness and weight savings. In fact, numerous independent tests have shown this to be the most efficient crankset available, and by a wide margin. Plus, you'll be amazed how the new Dura-Ace spider and chainrings speed and smooth front shifting.

The Dura-Ace crankset boosts your pedaling power!

Shimano's Ultegra components run super smooth!
Those who enjoy quality and great values will appreciate Shimano's 10-Speed Ultegra group, which offers many of Dura-Ace's amazing features including 10-speed STI shifting and an integrated crankset/bottom bracket for efficient power transfer. Plus, it's available with double and triple chainrings making it ideal for competitive, touring and even recreational cycling. You'll also love the new ergonomic levers and pro-level look. Because it's so versatile and affordable, we consider 10-Speed Ultegra to be one of the best road-parts groups to come along in quite a while.

Ultegra STI levers offer 10-speed shifting, an ergonomic grip and powerful leverage for maximum function on every ride. You'll love the comfortable, extended hoods, which favor a higher riding position while the inward lever swing follows your fingers back towards the bar for the easiest shifting yet.The Ultegra STI levers shift and brake great!

Shimano's 105 components are an exceptional value!
Shimano's 105 Triple 10-speed group is light and efficient. Designed from the same engineering concepts as Dura-Ace and Ultegra, the Shimano 105 components provide precision shifting and braking at an unbelievable value! The instantaneous stopping power and excellent pedaling efficiency make this group a great way to soup-up your sled, or upgrade individual components. These are the ideal tools for taming a local century, braving brutal cyclocross races or just dropping the hammer on your local rides.

Shimano's 105 rear derailleur is a sweet upgrade. Shifting is almost effortless thanks to the light-action spring. Plus, the 105's top pulley stays a uniform distance from each sprocket so shifts resonates with the plunk of exact gear engagement. And the wide pivot design increases rigidity for precision shifts every time and top-notch durability.

Shimano's 105 rear derailleur shifts like a dream!

Shimano's Dura-Ace Deep Dish Carbon wheels will put you on the podium!

Shimano's Dura-Ace Deep Dish Carbon wheelset offers a potent combination of aerodynamics and light weight. Shimano's most popular wheelset with professional riders features Shimano-built, 50mm-tall deep-dish carbon rims, a minimal spoke count and hub-mounted nipples to save you time whether you're road racing, taking on triathlons or just out for bragging rights. Plus, the hubs offer incredible strength and a smooth-rolling feel you'll appreciate as you rack up record mileage and times.

Shimano's Dura-Ace wheels have gone on a diet and the result is the WH-7801-SL. These feathery wonders feature Scandium rims that are super light and for the ultimate ride, accept tubeless tires (regular, too). Plus, the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace 10-speed hubs are efficient, reliable and easy to service. And, the hub-mounted nipples, 26mm-tall front rim and 24mm-tall rear make these wheels significantly lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic than conventional models, too.
Shimano's Dura-Ace wheels let you run tubeless tires!

Stop by to check out Shimano's beautiful components in person!