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What's a Little Snow Between Friends?

Despite rumors to the contrary, Club Revolution does not have a team in any of the Grand European Tours this year. What it does have though, is a great attitude about riding bicycles and having as much fun as possible while doing it. Initially, we thought that a club format would be a good way to promote group rides. However, as we discussed the idea with people who visited the shop, there would seem to be support for the social or after-ride aspect of things as well. Riding a bike can, at times, create a thirst as well as an appetite and we are not averse to providing a venue where club members and their guests can enjoy the post ride.

To join Club Revolution, all one has to do is ante up $100. In return, you will receive one Revolution Cycle and Ski jersey, one free tune-up, a 10% discount on all cycling accessories purchased in the store and no labor charge tube changes. Renewing members will have the option, for a $120 membership fee, of opting for a pair of Revolution Bib Shorts or a Long Sleeve Jersey as opposed to the regular revolution short sleeve jersey.

As many of you are aware, Mike and Ben are experienced road and mountain bike racers. Their expertise as it relates to group riding and race tactics is excellent. In addition, Josh and Darren have done quite a bit of racing and will bring their experience to the party as well. Less well known, is the FACT that Mike IS the Lewis and Clark of central Minnesota - he really knows where to ride and how to deal with the wind.

Our website has a menu called "Bike Tips" where you'll find lots of  helpful hints that relate to group riding and off season training. For those less well versed on the subject, these pages will prove very helpful.

See you on the road!