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Atomic Skis & Equipment

Atomic Auto Universal
The SNS Auto Universal are 1-axis touring bindings and are especially easy to handle. The automatic step-in system delivers maximum comfort, while the full-length guide plate ensures total control during every touring foray. These bindings weigh 260 grams per pair and are ideal for both men and women.
Atomic ProLink Auto
Like all Prolink bindings this model is light, strong and offers great snow feel. But the beauty of the Prolink Auto is that step into the binding and you are automatically in. No extra customization is needed. It really is as simple as it looks. As part of our Prolink bindings range it’s compatible with NNN® and Turnamic®. A really convenient binding that’s more for touring.
Atomic ProLink Access SK/CL
The lightweight Atomic Prolink Access Classic is a binding for ski tourers who want great snow feel and a really direct connection between boot and ski for precise power transmission. It’s really easy to handle, and like all our Prolink bindings it’s compatible with NNN® and Turnamic®. These bindings have an Ergonomic Lever that opens and closes manually and they weigh just 258g per pair.
Atomic ProLink Pro SK/CL
For explosive kick and awesome acceleration, lots of our World Cup athletes use the Atomic Prolink Race SK/CL. It’s our top classic binding in our 2-rail Prolink range and is compatible with NNN® and Turnamic®. It features a Carbon Race Lever that opens and closes manually and weighs in at just 230g per pair. This binding makes your effort count.
Atomic Motion 25
With a 106mm last width and integrated heel counter, it’s a great combination of firm support and a high level of comfort. The SNS Profil Touring outsole makes for super easy handling at lower speeds and it’s compatible with the 1-axis SNS Profil bindings. The water-repellent front cover keeps your feet dry whatever the weather does, while the central zipper means slipping the boot on couldn’t be easier. Comes in US sizes, 3.5 to 12.5
Atomic S5 Junior Skate
A fantastic beginner Skate Ski. Very Stable.
Atomic C5 Classic
The Atomic C5 is our efficient, lightweight classic wax ski delivering a perfect kick and fast acceleration – ideal for athletic skiers and occasional racers. The ski core features a UHD core with Speedcell and high quality Carbon Laminates, which together make the ski livelier and even more lightweight. The Redster profile delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut, Worldcup base and Race Grinding. And like all Redsters it has the distinctive Redster graphic design. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 4000 + Race Grinding Core: Speedcell
Atomic Redster Classic
An ideal choice for the high school racer. The ski's core features a Nomex powercell, which makes the ski livelier and even more lightweight. In combination with the Redster profile it delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut. Comes in a medium and hard ski TEAM Price, $189.99
Atomic Redster Skate
For the High School Racer, Atomic refers to this ski as,"The lightest and fastest ski on the circuit" That’s because the ski has a very light Mexcell core, featuring a Nomex powercell that makes the ski super lively and lightweight, combined with the Redster profile and sidecut that gives you a dynamic kick and an outstanding, long glide phase. Team Price, $189.99
Atomic S5 Skate
The Atomic Redster S5 is ideal if you’re looking for something powerful but easy to handle. The ski has a very light UHD core with Speedcell featuring Carbon Laminates that makes the ski super lively and lightweight. Then our top Worldcup base, Race Grinding and Redster profile and sidecut gives you a dynamic kick and an outstanding, long glide phase. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 4000 + Race Grinding Core: Speedcell
Atomic C7 Classic
The Redster C7 is a great new ski for Classic nuts out there – whether you’re a racer, regular trainer or you just want something nice and fast when you make it out onto the tracks on the weekend. Its Race+ Carbon Laminate makes it lovely and light, while its World Cup Base and Grinding gives it serious acceleration and speed. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 5000 + WC Grinding Core: Speedcell SDS
Atomic C7 Skintec Classic
It features our unique Skintec waxless technology that cuts prep time dramatically as you don’t need to wax, while you still get the feel of a perfectly waxed ski in all conditions. On top of that, the SDS construction brings Redster technology to our Sport range – maximum traction when you need it in the kick, minimum resistance in the glide. All ideal for regular workout all winter through.
Atomic S7 Skate
For a lot of us, racing is about challenging ourselves and having something to aim at. The Redster S7 is fast, easy to ski and works in all conditions. It comes with our Race Profile and new V-shaped sidecut that catapults you forward for breathtaking acceleration. It comes with a Speedcell Core and a race base perfect for all tracks and conditions. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 5000 + WC Grinding Core: Speedcell Extras: V-Shape Sidecut
Atomic Redster C9 Classic
The Redster C9 is like your favorite road bike you use for racing, training and weekend riding. It’s powerful, fast and genuinely a joy to ride. To give you that combination of pace and reliability it comes with our Race Base and special low, flat Power Kick Zone just like our top Redster Carbon Classic ski. Then it has a Race+ Carbon Laminate. Good enough for the pros, and perfect for hobby athletes. Tech Features Construction: Race + Carbon Laminate Base: BI 5000 SA + WC Grinding Core: Nomex Featherlight SDS Extras: Power Kick Zone
Atomic Redster C9 Skintec Classic
The Atomic Redster Skintec with high-performance waxless technology is the premium model for the classic skier who prefers not to use a ski with a waxable kick zone. The Skintec ski uses a mole skin material in the kick zone. What makes it so special is our unique Skintec waxless technology: Skintec means preparation and handling couldn’t be easier, with no time-consuming waxing and more time skiing. It’s also incredibly versatile as the grip zones feature Mohair skin that produces excellent grip and glide no matter what snow conditions and temperatures. It’s also the only high-performance waxless technology to offer exchangeable grip zones – a wider one for a stronger kick and a narrower one for a faster glide, interchangeable in seconds.
Atomic Redster World Cup Classic
The new Atomic Redster Worldcup Classic FL SDS is the professional World Cup ski for race-oriented classic track skiers. This ski embodies pure speed: this ski features our classic Nomex racing construction – a blend of torsion-resistant Nomex and yellow ABS material in the kick zone, for an awesome combination of lightness and stability. This so called SDS Technology keeps the kick zone high above the snow in the glide phase and stays easy to compress during the kick. The result is explosive acceleration and exceptional gliding. Team Price, $486.99 Lease Price, $316.99
Atomic Redster World Cup Skate
This premium ski is ultra-stable, ultra-light and ultra-fast thanks to its Nomex Featherlight core construction and light wood sidewalls. Together these deliver a dynamic kick and optimum glide phase – maximized by the slight sidecut and the World Cup double-grooved base. The ski tips are also designed so they won’t vibrate, even on the hardest of terrains. All in all, an ideal pro ski for athletes who want to be fully equipped for compact snow conditions. Comes in both a soft and hard ski Team Price, $489.99 Lease Price, $319.99
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